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6pm. Every Sunday Church of St Wilfrid.
Duncombe Place, York. YO1 7EF

28 June 2016

Next Mass in Hull

The next Latin Mass in Hull will be a Low Mass on Wednesday 6th July at 6.30pm.  As usual the celebrant will be Father Peter Mulholland.

27 June 2016

Feast of St Peter & St Paul

Wednesday 29th June, being the Feast of St Peter and St Paul, is a Holyday of Obligation.  In fact it is one of very few holydays observed in the modern church.

There will be a sung Latin Mass at St Wilfrid's Church in York at 6pm on that day.

22 June 2016

Some Good News from East Anglia

I recently read on the website of the Diocese of East Anglia that they currently have 8 seminarians training for the priesthood.  In addition, one new student is due to start training later this year, and another next year.  In addition to these, there are said to be 10 "nibblers" (expressions of interest).

Considering that East Anglia is a relatively small diocese, these numbers look impressive, especially when compared with similarly sized dioceses, such as our own Middlesbrough.

Looking at the website in a little more detail reveals that by the time that these 10 are ordained, about 20 of the existing clergy will have reached the age of 75, so the number of priests will continue to decline. Nevertheless, I suspect that East Anglia is doing better with vocations than any other diocese.

Congratulations to Bishop Hopes.

20 June 2016

Corpus Christi Report

There was a good turnout last night for the Sung Mass at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Marton.  There were about 20 in the congregation, which I thought was good for such a remotely located church.  In addition, there were two servers, a chorister and a priest in choir, as well as the celebrant, Fr Mark Drew.

I was particularly pleased to see Fr Simon Leworthy, who had traveled from Bridlington to be in choir; and we are indebted to Mike Forbester who sang the propers of the feast.  At the end, he sang the York version of the Salve Regina, which is considerably longer and more complicated than anything I am used to.

31 May 2016

Wednesday 1st June

There will be a Low Mass at the Church of St Charles in Hull on Wednesday 1st June at 6.30pm.  Fr Pewter Mulholland will be the celebrant.

28 May 2016

Following the American Example

On 21st May I reported on Bishop Libasci of Manchester, New Hampshire handing over care of the Church of St Stanislaus to the FSSP.  I am sure that they will be delighted with the church building that they will be acquiring.


Apparently, it became surplus to requirements for the celebration of Mass when parishes were merged a few years ago, but has been used for eucharistic adoration since then.

On 27th May, I reported on a similar move by Bishop Barres of the Diocese of Allentown, who handed over the Church of St Stephen of Hungary to the FSSP.  This seems to be a continuing trend, as there are now about 50 examples in the USA of former diocesan churches being in the care of traditional orders.  I suppose one could add the churches run by the Society of St John Cantius, and possibly others, to the list.

The example has been followed to a degree in England and Wales at New Brighton, Preston and Warrington, and one could add York and Bournemouth.  There must be many other opportunities to hand over underused churches in our larger cities.  Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham are obvious examples, and opportunities probably exist in other cities like Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds, Derby and Newcastle.  There may even be some suitable underused churches in our own Diocese of Middlesbrough.

With iuncreasing numbers in the seminaries of both The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter and the Institute of Christ the King, Supreme Priest, including candidates from these British Isles, these orders will have the priests to staff to to take on more missions.  Let us hope that the bishops of England and Wales will follow their American cousins, and make more churches available.

27 May 2016

Further Expansion of the FSSP in USA

Rorate Coeli has posted a report of another American bishop handing over responsibility for a parish parish to the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter.  In this case it is Bishop John Barres of the Diocese of Allentown in Pennsylvania, and the parish is St Stephen of Hungary.

I have often said that what is done in America today will happen this side of the Atlantic tomorrow. So maybe we can look forward to more churches being handed over to traditional orders in the future.  A start has been made in New Brighton, Preston and Warrington, but there is a long way to go to catch up with the States, where about 50 churches are now in the hands of traditional orders.

Bishop Barres should be congratulated for making this decision.

26 May 2016

Next Latin Mass in Hull - Wednesday 1st June

Next Wednesday, being the first Wednesday of the month, there will be a Low Mass at 6.30pm at the Church of St Charles in Jarratt Street in Hull.  The celebrant will be Fr Peter Mulholland.

Good News from the Diocese of Leeds

It has recently been announced that the Church of St Joseph in Pakington Street, Bradford, is to become the principal church in the Diocese of Leeds for the celebration of Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  Making the announcement, Bishop Marcus Stock said that he had made the decision in response to numerous requests for a regular Extraordinary Form Sunday Mass at an easily accessible location in the Diocese.

It is expected that the new arrangements will start in September, and that there will be a sung Latin Mass every Sunday at 12.30pm.  It is probable that a roster of priests will be drawn up to celebrate this Mass, and it is not clear yet what impact the new arrangements will have on Latin Masses currently being celebrated in the diocese.  Neither is it clear whether the church will be used for other traditional devotions besides the Sunday Mass.      

21 May 2016

News from the USA

Rorate Caeli reports that the Bishop of Manchester in New Hampshire, Rt Rev Peter A Libasci, has handed over the church of St Stanislaus in Nashua to the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter to become a personal parish for those who adhere to the traditional form of the Mass.  Originally built to serve the Polish community, the church was incorporated into another parish several years ago, since when it has been little used, with the prospect of closure and demolition never far away.

A diocesan press release states:

 'Since coming here in 2011, I have heard from many Catholics who have a deep affection for the traditional liturgical forms of the pre-Vatican II era,' said Bishop Libasci. 'Consistent with that desire I am happy to announce the opening of this parish, dedicated to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, as suggested by Pope Benedict XVI in his Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum, issued Motu Proprio in 2007.'

It should be noted that Bishop Libasci has actually created a personal parish, in contrast to the developments in England, where churches have been handed over to traditional orders in New Brighton, Preston and Warrington to become shrine churches.  In fact, the FSSP have charge of more than 30 parishes in the USA.

Whilst we must be very grateful to the bishops in England and Wales who have established shrine churches for the use of the traditional orders, matters have progressed a lot further in America, where the traditional orders have been put in charge of personal parishes in many dioceses.

Congratulations are due to Bishop Libasci and all the other bishops of the USA who have been so welcoming to the to the traditional orders.