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13 May 2010

Another Opinion Poll

Paix Liturgique have conducted another opinion poll about attitudes to the traditional form of the Mass. This poll was in Portugal and timed to coincide with the Pope's visit to Fatima. The poll was undertaken by Harris International and based on a random sample of 1443 people, of whom 950 claimed to be Catholics..

Again, the poll demonstrates two things. Firstly, there is widespread ignorence about about the provisions of summorum pontificum. Around three-quarters of all Catholics and half of practicing Catholics do not know that Mass could now be celebrated in the older form. Secondly, the poll reveals a remarkableable amount of interest in the usus antiquior.

Here is a summery of the findings when addressed to all Catholics:

Are you aware that Mass can be celebrated in both the ordinary (modern) form and the extraordinary (traditional) form?

Yes 26%
No 74%

If the traditional Mass were available in your parish, without displacing the modern Mass, would you attend?

Weekly 6.5%
Monthly 7.7%
On major Feasts 14.0%
Occasionally 63.7%
Never 8.1%

The same questions were put to practicing Catholics (ie those who attend Mass at least once per month).

Are you aware that the Mass can be celebrated in both the ordinary (modern) form and extraordinary (traditional) form?

Yes 57.9%
No 42.1%

If the traditional Mass were available in your parish, without displacing the modern Mass, woukld you attend?

Weekly 29.5%
Monthly 24.0%
On major Feasts 14.2%
Occasionally 23.5%
Never 8.8%

Looking at these figures carefully, you will see that over 90% of practicing Catholics in Portugal say that they would attend the older form of Mass at least occasionally. I take this to mean at least once a year. It is interesting that when the same question is put to all Catholics, roughly the same percentage indicate that they would attend occasionally. One can conclude from that that the traditional Mass would attract back many lapsed or partially lapsed Catholics.

Nearly 30% of regularly practicing Catholics say that they would attend weekly.

I wonder what the figures would be if a similar poll was conducted in England.

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