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26 March 2012

Margaret Clitherow Pilgrimage

I hope that we will be able to publish some photographs soon.  In the mean time, we will have to be content with a written report.

Over 200 people took part in the pilgrimage by attending the Solemn Mass in St Wilfrid's Church, walking in the procession and being present at the Church of the English Martyrs for veneration of the relic and Benediction.  The presence of Bishop Drainey, who presided at the Mass and gave the Benediction, was much appreciated by all.  A lot of people came up to me afterwards and said:  "I wish we had a bishop like him!"  Not only did he not make a single error, but he looked completely confident throughout the proceedings.  I think that this must be due to the amount of preparation that he put into it beforehand.

It seems that the procession made a significant impact in the city of York, there being good coverage both in the local newspaper and on the local radio.  Several people have remarked that the procession was treated with respect as it passed through the busy streets.  Shoppers and tourists alike stood back out of the way to allow the procession to pass, and there was virtually no antagonism shown.

An innovation this year was to carry a statue of St Margaret Cluitherow on the procession, and that added to the impact.  We also had a mobile loudspeaker system for the recitation of the roasry, which was a great help.  Next year, we will introduce further features which will make the pilgrimage even more conspicuous.


Gregory the Eremite said...

Thank-you for all the hard work you put in to make this event a success!

Thanks also to all the others who worked hard behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

No Middlesbrough Diocesan priests there. No mention in St wi
Wilfrid's parish bulletin before or after, that this event was taking place with their own bishop present. Very discourteous. It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you.
Leeds Diocesan.

Yorkmum said...

A big thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring about this second pilgrimage.

Anonymous, it is need sad that there were no Middlsbrough Diocesan priests there this year, but it was a joy to see our Bishop not just there but clearly having taken the time and trouble to learn his part well. Let us hope that in leading by example in his diocese, next year there will be some diocesan clergy present.

Yorkmum said...

Oops should read " it is indeed sad..."