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27 October 2014

Visit to St Walburge's

Last Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King, I visited St Walburge's Church in Preston for the 10.30am Mass. This was one month after the Institute of Christ the King took charge of the church, and I was interested to see how they were getting on. There were over 50 in the congregation, which, in most churches would be a reasonable congregation, but in the vast space of St Walberge's looked sparce. However, there seemed great enthusiasm amongst those who were there, and there is the expectation that the congregation will grow as the Mass becomes better known. It seems that the local parishes are reluctant to include information about thr Institute in their bulletins.
The Mass was beautifully sung by Canon Altieri and well worth travelling nearly 100 miles to attend. The only weakness was with the choir. Deacon Tanner, currently the only English seminarian with the Institute, was playing the organ and trying to sing at the same time. Deacon Tanner was on loan from New Brighton where he is serving his diaconal year, so cannot be the reguylar organist. A choir of sorts was assembled, but there was not much volume coming from them, and a church of that size needs powerful singers. The good news is that, after the Mass, two members of the congregation offered their services as singers, but some really good singers are needed as well as a regular organist.


Anonymous said...

The singing at St Wilfrid's in York is hardly better. The droning cantor, who tries his best does little to lift the spirit.
Patrick Cannon

Et Expecto said...

Yes, it is not always been very good, but it is improving. In fact, in the last three weeks there has been a great improvement. I am expecting great things over the next few months.

Choirs are not created over night, in the same way that Rome was not made in a day.

Someone said...

You're joking about York right? The one time I went I was completely blown away by the choir.

Mike Forbester said...

Patrick, If you think you can do better, and are prepared to give up your spare time and volunteer to help, I'm sure you'll be made very welcome!


"The Droning Cantor"

Sylvester Edwin Lambert said...

To be fair to the neighbouring parishes that are said to be loath to advertise the Latin Mass, ICKSP have done little to promote it themselves in the area. They have not submitted an article to the Diocesan newspaper or set up a website relating to the parish yet.

Sylvester Edwin Lambert said...

Additionally, Catholics in the Preston area are almost spoilt for choice in the number of Masses celebrated in Old Rite. Penwortham is only about three miles away and Farington only about ten. Then there are sometimes Masses in Lancaster (twenty minutes on the motorway). This might go some way to explain the low level of attendance at St Walburges.