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20 November 2014

Diocese of Lincoln Reverting to Ad Orientem during Advent

The Cathedral of the Risen Christ in Lincoln, Nebraska in the USA is a modern building, and perhaps not an ideal piece of architecture from the traditionalist point of view. Nevertheless, good things are going on there, as is reported in New Liturgical Movement, from which I have taken this news item.
.....Writing in The Southern Nebraska Reporter, the diocesan newspaper of the Diocese of Lincoln, Bishop Conley includes the following paragraph. During the Sundays of Advent, the priests of the Cathedral of the Risen Christ will celebrate Mass ad orientem. With the people of God, the priest will stand facing the altar, and facing the crucifix. When I celebrate Midnight Mass at Christmas, I will celebrate ad orientem as well. This may also take place in other parishes across the Diocese o0f Lincoln.


Anonymous said...

It is curious that in spite of the title of your blog, you comment on anything BUT the Diocese of Middlesbrough. Is there perhaps an applecart you are afraid of upsetting? Or is an interdict in force?

Et Expecto said...

You make a fair point. Looking back, I find that only two of the last 10 posts have directly concerned the Diocese of Middlesbrough. This is not deliberate policy.

I tend to write on subjects that I find newsworthy, and that are not covered very widely on other sites. I suppose the lack of local items is because there is not a great deal of news coming out of the Diocese of Middlesbrough that catches my eye. I will see what In can do about it.