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06 August 2015

Report on Mass in Hull

Last night's sung Mass in Hull went well. We were fortunate to have Fr Leworthy as celebrant, who was able to ensure that not too much went wrong. I had to act as both MC and thurifer, which would present no difficulty to someone more competent than me, but I did find it a little challenging. With a little help from Fr Leworthy, my mistakes were probably not too obvious to the congregation. There were two other servers, one of whom had never served at a traditional Mass before, and the other's experience was limited to one Low Mass. Nevertheless, both did very well as acholytes. The Rudgate Singers lifted the occasion to one appropriate for such a fine church. The congregation was a little smaller than usual, and this is almost certainly due to some of the regular attenders being on holiday. I was delighted to see a reporter and photographer from the Hull Daily Mail in attendance. Many photographs were taken and the reporter spoke to several of the congregation. I am hoping that this will result in a big spread in the paper. Readers of the Hull Daily Mail, please keep an eye out.

1 comment:

Zephyrinus said...

Many congratulations on contributing
to the spreading of The Divine Liturgy.

It sounds as though it is a "from little acorns,
big Oaks grow" scenario.

May God continue to Bless Fr Leworthy,
and all the good folks of Hull.

You may wish to ask him if he continues
to sing "Waltzing Matilda" in Latin.

And, lastly, are we to understand that you are now
in the running to replace The Master of Ceremonies,
at Rome, whenever he retires ?