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29 May 2015

The Changing Balance of the Bishops' Conference

There are some comments appearing in the blogosphere that speak very highly of the newly enthroned Bishop Moth of Arundel and Brighton. Fr Ray Blake has some very complimentary things to say about him. The appointment of Bishop Moth completes the transformation of the South Coast dioceses, once notorious for their liberal tendencies. With Bishops Egan, O'Toole and Moth now in charge, these dioceses are emerging as beacons of tradition. The impact of these appointments, together with most of the other episcopal appointments of the last few years, has transformed the complexion of the Bishops, Conference. Now the traditionalists are in the majority, and this will surely bear fruit in the coming years.

News of an Ordination

Tomorrow, Ian Verrier will be ordained a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter. The ordination will be in Lincoln, Nebraska, although Ian is an Englishman from the West Midlands. He is one of a succession of young Englishman studying for the priesthood at the American Seminary of the FSSP. I believe that there are nine others there. and one in the in the FSSP's seminary in Germany. So there is a steady flow of young Englishmen being trained for the priesthood with the FSSP. Unfortunately, the experience of recent years would suggest that very few of these priests end up working in England. Surely, this must be about to change. With English bishops finding it more and more difficult to staff their parishes, the day must soon come when the FSSP will be asked to take over churches that the dioceses cannot provide with priests. This has already happened with the Institute of Christ the King who have taken over churches in New Brighton and Preston. Maybe it will happen before too long in the Diocese of Middlesbrough.

22 May 2015

Mass in Hull Wednesday 3rd June

A reminder that there will be a Latin Mass at 6.30pm at the church of St Charles in Hull on Wednesday 3rd June. Last month, there was a congregation of about 30, which was pretty good. let's see whether we can beet that. The celebrant will be Fr Peter Mulholland.

21 May 2015

AWN Pugin

I heard on the radio that the Bank of England is seeking suggestions as to whose image to put on the new £20 note. They ate looking for someone representing the visual arts. I immediately thought of the Catholic architect, Augustus Welby Pugin. Later I noticed that on Fr Henry's blog, the same suggestion has been made. There could be quite a head of steam behind a Pugin nomination. If you think this is a good idea, go to the Bank of England website and vote for Pugin. Fr Henry has a link that takes you straight there.

15 May 2015

Visitation of Bishop Drainey

This is a reminder that Bishop Drainey will be present at all Masses in St Wilfrid's Church on Sunday 17th May. It would be good to impress the bishop with a large congregation.

08 May 2015

Report of Mass in Hull

Last Wednesday's Low Mass at St Charles' church in Hull was attended by a congregation of about 30. We were able to use the High Altar because the sacristan had arranged for the forward altar to be lifted out of the way before Mass, and for a platform to be placed in front of the original High altar to replace the top step which has been removed at some point. Members of the congregation helped to lift the forward altar back to its place on the steps after Mass. This arrangement worked well, and was far better than the alternative of using one of the side chapels, which have no benches in front of them. The celebrant was Fr Peter Mulholland, and his next Latin Mass will be on Wednesday 3rd June at 6.30pm in St Charles Church.

05 May 2015

Bishop's Visitation

On Sunday 17th May, Bishop Drainey will be present at all Masses in St Wilfrid's Church in York, as part of his visitation of the parish. I am sure that he will be taking note of the numbers present in the congregation at each Mass. The congregation at the Sunday mid-day Latin Mass has been growing slowly in recent months. It is to be hoped that there will be an impressive number for the bishop's visitation.

01 May 2015

Another Reminder

The pilgrimage in honour of St Margaret Clitherow and the Martyrs of York will take place on Saturday 9th May at St Wilfrid's Church in York. It will start with Solemn Mass at 1.30pm which will be followed by a procession through the streets of York and will end with Benediction back at St Wilfrid's Church.