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29 October 2021

How the Bishops Responded to the Questionaire


Readers will recall that towards the end of last year the Vatican sent out a questionaire to all the bishops of the world concerning the reception of Pope Benedict's motu proprio, Summorum Pontoficum, in their dioceses and its subsequent implementation.  Supposedly, the motu proprio of Pope Francis, Traditionis Custodes, was based on the responses of this questionaire. 

Although, the results of the questionaire have never been published, various bits of information have leaked out.  According to the American journalist, Diana Montagna, a detailed report was produced and presented to the Pope, but this report was later replaced by a much shorter report which came to different conclusions.  It was on this second report that the motu proprio, Traditionis Custodes was based.

More recently, some actual extracts from the bishop's responses have have emerged.  These are actual quotations from the responses, but with the name of the bishop redacted.  Forty five such comments have been printed in The Remnant, an American Catholic on lone journal.  There is the promise that more of the bishops' comments will be revealed. 

Readers can find details of these comments made by bishops the website of The Remnant, but I reproduce below one of particular interest.  There are many more along similar lines.

"I think it is possible for the two uses, Ordinary and Extraordinary, to coexist. This could be a strength within the Catholic Church." (A Bishop of England, response to question 9)

25 October 2021

Requiem Mass at Catterick

Fr David Smith, the chaplain at Catterick Garrison, will be offering a Low Mass of Requiem for war dead on Remenbrance Sunday.   It will be at 8am on Sunday 14th November at the church of St Joan of Arc in Catterick.

Fr Smith has said to me that if there was any evidence that a regular Sunday Latin Mass at the Church of St Joan of Arc in Catterick would be well attended, he would offer one every week.  Here is an opportunity to provide that evidence.

A Bishop Reacts to Traditionis Custodes


The following is a response to Traditionis Custodes from Bishop Provost of Lake Charles in the USA.

I am issuing this Decree for the implementation of Traditionis custodes in compliance with its prescriptions. As a pastor and a bishop, I am aware of the needs of the flock and address them. We do so liturgically for numerous groups that require special attention, such as our University students, the Hispanic community, and the hearing impaired. Our pastoral concern extends as well to those who worship in the usus antiquior, that is with the Roman Missal of 1962, and who have done so since the establishment of the Diocese. I am unaware of anyone in this community who has expressed opposition to the Second Vatican Council, much less denied its legitimacy. As well, those who have chosen to discuss with me their devotion to the usus antiquior have insisted upon the validity of the reformed liturgy. With this in mind, I would be grossly negligent, if not callous, to implement any restrictive law while at the same time ignoring these realities.

He is clearly not afraid of saying what he means!  I believe that several of our own bishops would have similar views,  but have not expressed them so clearly.

Lockdown in Ireland

 I am not sure exactly when this photograph was taken, but it was during a period of lockdown in Ireland.

It shows a priest offering Mass at an old (possibly reconstructed) rock altar, somewhere on Achill Island.  You can tell that he is a traditionally minded priest by the way that he his forefingers and thumbs.  Not surprisingly, he is a young priest  -  one of very few in Ireland.  The position of the missal would indicate that it is a Novus Ordo Mass.

It is good to see that he has an attentive congregation of sheep!

22 October 2021

Feast of St Charles Borromeo

Thursday 4th November is the Feast of St Charles Borromeo.  It will be celebrated at the Church of St Charles Borromeo in Hull with a Sung Latin Mass at 7.30pm.  Please note that this will replace the Mass that normally takes place at the same time at the Church of Our Lady and St Peter Chanel also in Hull.

The Celebrant will be Fr William Massie, and it is proposed that the parish choir will sing the Short Mass in C by Richard Terry.  A schola is being put together to sing the Propers to a Rossini Tone.  

The Church of St Charles is quite remarkable inside, and is decorated in the baroque style, with many statues surrounding the sanctuary.  It is well worth a visit just to see the inside.

Please support this event.

18 October 2021

Extra Masses at Catterick around Christmas time

 Fr David Smith has  informed me of several extra Latin Masses that will take place at the Church of St Joan of Arc at Catterick Garrison around the Christmas period.  They are as follows:

Thurs 23 Dec		12.30	Low Mass
Sat 25 Dec		08.00	Low Mass of the Dawn
Mon 27 Dec		12.30	Low Mass (St John)
Tues 28 Dec		12.30	Low Mass (Holy Innocents)
Wed 29 Dec		12.30	Low Mass (St Thomas Becket)
Thurs 30 Dec		12.30	Low Mass
Thurs 6 Jan		12.30	Low Mass (Epiphany)

Future Extra Masses at York

 Here is a list of forthcoming Masses and events At the York Oratory:

Monday 1st November: All Saints’ Day: Missa Cantata, 6pm
Tuesday 2nd November: All Souls’ Day: Sung Requiem, 6pm
Friday 5th November: Sung Requiem for deceased Fathers & Brothers of the Oratory, 6pm
Tuesday 7th December: First Vespers & Benediction, 6pm
Wednesday 8th December: Immaculate Conception: Missa Cantata, 6pm
Friday 24th December: Christmas Eve: Midnight Mass at Midnight (Carols from 11.15pm)
Wednesday 5th January: First Vespers & Benediction, 6pm
Thursday 6th January: Epiphany: Missa Cantata, 6pm
Wednesday 2nd February: Candlemas: Missa Cantata & Procession, 6pm

These are in addition to the regular programme which is as follows:

Monday to Friday: 8.15am Low Mass
Saturday: 9.15am Low Mass
Sunday: 12 noon Missa Cantata, 4pm Vespers & Benediction