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27 September 2018

More on Pope Francis

The latest revelation concerning Pope Francis, and his apparent practice of denying or covering up abuse by senior clergy brings the action much closer to home.  Life Site News has carried a story, as yet unproven, detailing how Pope Francis is alleged to have halted an investigation into Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor.  I must emphasise that nothing is proven yet, but the story contains sufficient details, not only to plausible, but to be highly convincing.  Details are given that an investigative journalist could almost certainly check out and determine the truth of the story.  I imagine it will only be a matter of time before this is done.

Anyone who wants to study the evidence in more detail should go to Life Site News.

25 September 2018

Institute of Christ the King in Shrewsbury

The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest is to have a foundation in Shrewsbury.  It has been announced that Bishop Davies has invited the Institute to have a second permanent presence in his diocese.  Canon Smith, who comes from Arcansas in the USA, along with a seminarian will be taking up residence at St Winefride's Church, which is part of the Cathedral parish in Shrewsbury.  Besides celebrating Sunday and weekday Masses at St Wilfrede's, Canon Smith will have some duties at the cathedral. 

Although the Institute of Christ the King already has charge of three churches in England (one at New Brighton and two in Preston), it is a new development for any traditional order of priests to have  regular duties at a cathedral.  This is further evidence of the integration of the Latin Mass into Catholic life in this country.

Canon Smith will be arriving in England before the end of September.

19 September 2018

Is This Why We are Short of Priests?

The recent revelations about abusing clergy in the United States are immensely disturbing.  What makes matters worse is the emergence of similar stories in Germany, Australia, South America and elsewhere.  A common thread to all these stories is that many of the depraved acts took place in seminaries often by superiors of the seminary.

If this behaviour is as widespread as it seems to be in several countries,  one would expect most decent seminarians attending such a depraved institution would soon leave, and probably not continue their priestly vocation.  This could well be an explanation of why so many seminaries have had to close, and indeed for the diminishing number of ordinations in recent decades.  One wonders how many young men have been put off pursuing a priestly vocation specifically because of experiencing depraved activities at their seminary.

Most of us, who are disgusted and depressed after reading the recent revelations, would probably think that such behaviour does not go on in this country.  We tend to think that all the priests that we know, or have ever met, are fine men who would never indulge in such bad behaviour.  However, anyone who reads the newspapers also knows that unsuitable men have been ordained to the priesthood in the past, and it is likely that some of these are still around today.  It also seems to be the case that a disproportionate number of these people find their way into positions in seminaries. This prompts the question: Have any of the seminaries serving England and Wales been infiltrated by such undesirables?  Of course we all hope that the answer is no, but we should allow for the possibility that there are some. 

The likelihood is that such infiltration has occurred in the past and this could be a reason for the current shortage of priests.

17 September 2018

Pope Francis

On 31st August, I wrote a short piece about the  Testimony of Archbishop Vigano, and his allegations against Pope Francis and other high ranking clergy.  I was reluctant to say categorically that the Archbishop had proved the case against Pope Francis,  as there were one or two gaps in the evidence; although I did say that I found the testimony convincing,  and all the counter evidence rather defensive.

I have now seen a short video that is totally convincing, and which puts Pope Francis at the centre of the cover up of abuse cases in Argentina.  I believe that no one seeing this video can have any doubt about the matter.    The video was reproduced on Fr Zuhlsdorf's blog on 17th September.  Have a look at it there.

10 September 2018

First Latin Mass Personal Parish

It has been announced that Bishop Egan of the Portsmouth Diocese is to erect a Personal Parish for those attached to the traditional form of the Mass.  It will be centred around Reading, where the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter have their own house and have been offering Mass at the Church of St William of York for the last 17 years. 

Fr Matthew Goddard of the FSSP will be the Parish Priest, and the announcement states that the new parish will be based at the Church of St William of York until a permanent home is found.  At present, use of the church is shared between the FSSP and the the local novus ordo parish.

The new personal parish, which will be dedicated to St John Fisher, will be the first Latin Mass personal parish in Britain, and only the fourth in Europe, although there are about 40 in the United States.  It will differ from the shrine churches in New Brighton, Warrington and Preston, in that a parish has certain duties, including maintaining baptismal and marriage records.

The suggestion that St William's is a temporary home, will lead to speculation that the FSSP will be handed a church for their exclusive use at some future date.  Presumably, this will happen as a result of some reorganisation and amalgamation of parishes in the Reading area.

04 September 2018

Next Mass at Hedon

There will be a Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form offered by Fr Mark Drew at the Church of St Mary and St Joseph, Baxtergate in Hedon on Sunday 9th September at 5pm.