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12 Noon. Every Sunday Missa Cantata
York Oratory (
Church of St Wilfrid)
Duncombe Place, York. YO1 7EF

8:15am Monday-Friday
9:15am Saturday

Feast Days (as advertised) usually at 6pm.

Church of St Andrew, Fabian Road, Teesville. TS6 9BA

3pm Sunday.

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and St Peter Chanel
119 Cottingham Road, Hull. HU5 2DH
7.30pm Every Thursday. Low Mass.


4pm. Every Sunday
York Oratory (
Church of St Wilfrid)
Duncombe Place, York. YO1 7EF

Compline and Vespers (as advertised)
(see link to the Rudgate Singers Calendar below)
St Mary's Church, Bishophill Junior. YO1 6EN

27 November 2020

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Tuesday 8th December is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and there will be a Solemn Mass at 6pm at St Wilfrid's Church in York.  It will be preceded at 6pm on Monday 7th December by Solemn Vespers and Benediction. 

Resumption of Masses

 As from Thursday 3rd December, churches will reopen for public worship.  Here is a reminder of the Latin Masses available in the Diocese of Middlesbrough.

           Thursdays       7.30pm       Our Lady & St Peter Chanel, Hull.

           Mon to Fri       8.15am        St Wilfrid, York.      Low Mass

           Saturdays         9.15am        St Wilfrid, York       Low Mass

           Sundays           12noon        St Wilfrid, York.      Missa Cantata

16 November 2020

Where Our Readers Reside

 Here are some figures for then readership of this blog during the last 12 months.  You will see that the United States is way out at the top of the list.  What is perhaps more surprising is that Russia comes in at third place.

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region


Mass Suspended Because it is Too Popular

The Winter issue of Mass of Ages has been published, and it includes a good number of news items.  One that caught my eye concerns Prinknash Abbey in the Diocese of Clifton.  For some years, a Latin Mass has been offered at Prinknash Abbey on Saturdays and due to demand, this became a Sunday Mass.

Of course, this Mass was suspended during the first lockdown, but resumed when the restrictions were eased.  However, the Mass proved so popular that the numbers wishing to attend could not be accommodated, especially with social distancing.  Consequently, the Mass had to be suspended again, this time because it was too popular!

10 November 2020

Female Religious Vocations in America

 I found this bit of information by chance.

It would be interesting to know the equivalent figures for England.

07 November 2020

Gregorius Magnus


Readers may remember that some months ago, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith sent a questionaire to all the bishops of the world seeking information on the implementation of Summorum Pontificum in their dioceses.  There is no official news on the outcome of this survey, although the rumour is that the level of hostility amongst the bishops of the world  has turned out to be less than many people expected.  

Although the questionaire was intended to be sectet, the text of it was leaked, and the International Federation, Una Voce, decided to conduct its own survey via its members throughout the world.  Reports were gathered from 368 dioceses in 56 countries and consolidated into a single document.  This document has now been published in the magazine Gregorius Magnus, which can be read over the internet.  It makes interesting reading.

Livestreamed Masses

The website of the Latin Mass Society lists 14 Sunday Masses in England and Wales that are livestreamed, ranging in time from 8am to 5pm.  It includes the Mass broadcast from the Oratory in York at noon.

My preferred Mass is the one from the Institute of Christ the King at the Sacred Heart Church in Limerick.  It is at 10.30am and can easily be found on the Irish website of the Institute.

05 November 2020

Closure of Churches for Public Worship

 I am sure that readers will be aware that the latest imposition of lockdown means that from today churches are closed for public worship but can be open for private prayer.  This means that the York Oratory will be closed during the times that Mass is offered.  However, Mass in the Extraordinary Form will be livestreamed  on the York Oratory's Youtube channel at noon on Sundays and at 8.15 am on weekdays.  

However, matters might change., as is hinted at in the following conversation between Sir Edward Leigh and the Prime Minister.

Edward Leigh said this in his speech: “... when I intervened on the Prime Minister a couple of days ago, he assured me that this was only a temporary ban on religious services. He took the trouble to come up to me before this debate and say, “Edward, we’re going to get churches open.” I said, “When?” He said, “Soon.” I understand that contacts are taking place with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Westminster to try to get the churches open as soon as possible… I have received an assurance that churches, synagogues and mosques will open before 2 December, or at least by 2 December. On that basis, and on that basis only, I will vote with the Government.”

02 November 2020

Petition to Keep Churches open

 I have just signed a petition to the Prime Minister seeking to keep churches open for worship during the coming period of Lockdown.  You can find the petition by googling  Keep churches open.

I have also just emailed my Mp asking him to support an amendment to allow churches to stay open for worship when the matter is debated in Parliament next Wednesday.

Please do the same.